Thursday, January 1, 2009

What's a Marvel?

A little bit about how I classify my reviews. I use a "Marvel" system, which is basically equivalent to most people's star system.


  • 5Ms = This toy rocked my world in at least one way, probably two. It's worth the money and the time, no questions asked. Will last a long time and be used again and again.
  • 4Ms = Got me off, made me happy, but there are one or two small things that I'd really like to be different. Definitely a keeper, but not an absolute favorite. 
  • 3Ms = Almost there, but something major is missing. Maybe it's well-made, but doesn't work for me. Or maybe it gives me a rocking orgasm, but fell apart after the second one. 
  • 2Ms = Has some very small value, but isn't something that I'd run out and buy again right away. If it gets 2Ms, I'm questioning whether to even keep it after the review. 
  • 1M  = Not worth it, either in terms of time or money. It's already found its second life as a door stop or a dog toy. 
  • 0M  = I haven't given one of these ratings yet, but I'm waiting for the day. I just know there's a toy (or six) out there that fall into this category.


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