Saturday, August 1, 2009

The G-Twist

There are so many vibrators out there that it's sometimes hard to tell one from the other. The G-Twist is a stand-out in both material and options. You just have to get the damn thing open first!

I had a toy from Fun Factory a long time ago, and I have to admit, I didn’t like it much. It was made of a really firm material and was far too straight for my body. Even though it was designed for internal use, it never really felt like it fit me very well.

The G-Twist is very, very different. Deemed a ’semi-realistic’ vibrator, it’s made of a really nice, soft silicone — the entire shaft has a lot of give without being loosey-goosey, and the feel of the material is smooth and sort of velvety. It’s designed with a soft curve, to hit your g-spot, features a delightful vibrating clit nub, and it’s layered with ridges (which I’ll talk more about below). I have to admit, my favorite part is the tip — it has a beautiful shape, with a very realistic curve to it that I find sexy. But then I’ve always loved the head of the penis, so this makes sense. It’s just a very, very pretty vibe with a pleasant feel (yeah, I know, who cares, right? You want to know how it works. I’m getting to that, I promise!)

Anytime I buy a toy, for either pleasure or review, I try to judge it both as a new toy (the honeymoon phase) and as a toy that’s been in my toybox with all the others for a while (I’d call it the ’seven-year itch’ phase, but that doesn’t sound very good, so I’ll think of it more as the long-term lust phase).

So, after having the toy in my toy box for a month, here’s what I have to say about it:

Honeymoon: This vibe is frustrating at first. The battery housing is slightly confusing — you have to press the sides in really hard in order to open it (I struggled with it for so long, I thought about asking my neighbor for help, but since I’ve not said anything more to him than “hello” and “oh, it’s really okay that your dog barked all night long, no worries,” I figured that showing up at his doorstep with a pseudo-cock, a couple of batteries and a helpless look wasn’t the world’s best idea). In the end, I got it open, only to discover there is no “Battery Installation for Dummies” imprinted on the device. Meaning: I have no idea which end was up when it came to sticking the batteries in their slots. I tried three different ways, none worked, and then I dug up the paper that came with it, and found the proper order of the pluses and minuses. Note: It’s never a bad idea to keep the paperwork that arrives with your sex toys.

The good news is that it comes with batteries, so once you figure out how to find the hole (battery-speaking), you don’t have to wait before you can rock and roll.
Once I got the toy up and running, it took some juggling to figure out how best to use it. The main problem: the on/off/speed up/slow down buttons are all rolled into one big dial on the end of the vibe. This meant that as I was holding it, the dial kept sliding — vroom! putputput… nothing… vroom! — and it took me a while to teach myself how to hold it without always jiggling the dial.

And the ridges… what does one do with the ridges? They’re not painful, but they’re big, and you can feel them. I’m not sure I know what to do with them. But then, I’ve never really liked ribbed or bumped anything, so this is probably just a matter of taste.

Now, having said all that, with those minor issues out of the way: I started to like this vibe. A lot. The feel is perfect for my tastes — not too hard, not too soft. Instead, it’s, as that other golden-locked girl once said, “Just right.” The vibrations vary from barely there to “oh, yes!” and the motor stays fairly quiet no matter how hard you rev it. The clit ridge is versatile as well — meaning you can use it if you like, but it’s small enough to angle out of the way if you’d rather get hands-on instead.

Long Term: This has now become my go-to vibrator. The G-spot angle is fantastic, once you know how to work it (and if you’re saying, “What G-spot? I don’t have a G-spot?” you might be right, but I bet this vibe will still find it for you. There’s something about the angle, the shape of the head and the ridges that makes the vibrations stronger in that general area). There’s also something about the shape and the styling that makes this toy delightfully unobtrusive and approachable, and after all this time, I find the vibrations are both strong and quiet, a rare combination.

I still don’t know how I feel about the ridges — they’re very pronounced, so I think care is called for if you’re going to be doing a lot of thrusting. I’m thinking that most people aren’t going to want to use this as an ‘in and out’ toy, so much as a rocking-style toy, in which case I find the ridges don’t bother me, but they don’t do much for me either.

Still, the rest of it is fantastic — hard and squishy at the same time, well-angled, the right length, nice vibration levels in both the shaft and the clit nub. The handle, which I struggled with at first, has now become my best friend, allowing a great deal of control when it comes to angle, pressure and vibration.

So, my final suggestion? Splurge on this bad boy. Get a hot guy or girl to help you with the battery bit. Then go to town — it would work well for hot solo sex, as well as for couple play. It might take you a little while to get the hang of it (or maybe that was just me), but once you do, it’s likely to become your BFF (that’s not Best Friend Forever, by the way, that’s Best Fuckable Friend).

Care & Feeding: One of the great things about this kind of vibe is that it’s easily washed with soap and water, and you can use just about any lube you want with it. A couple of notes: Don’t use scented soap, as the residue can be irritating. Also, this vibe has, as I mentioned, a lot of ridges, so be sure to clean around and under them fully. Lastly, it can get wet, but don’t immerse it, as the casing isn’t waterproof and you don’t want water in the motor and batteries.


  • Rev Power: High-ho!
  • Sound: Fairly quiet
  • Overall: 4Marvels


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