Sunday, December 27, 2009

Toy Covers

When it comes to sex, having the right tools can be nearly as important as having the right partner. If you're looking for a way to keep your small- to medium-sized sex toys clean, safe and shareable, these unlubricated latex toy covers by Cal Exotics may be just the thing for the job.



Easy-to-open packages make these covers easy to get at in the midst of the action. They're also easy to roll on, without the stickiness that comes from pre-lubed items.

Made of a really thick latex, these covers seem small when they come out of the pack, but they really have a lot of stretch to them. They fit over most of the toys in my toybox, including plugs and vibes. For some of the smaller toys, such as the Little Flirt, they're too long --- there's a lot of leftover still rolled up around the base of the toy. Which isn't actually a problem, because you can't really feel it, but it's something I noticed. The only thing they can't handle is the larger toys and anything with a serious g-spot bend -- they covers are just not long enough. (There is, however, a larger size, which I haven't tried, but my guess is that those will handle the job just fine).

One thing to note: They're easier to get on than they are to get off. Thus, I actually had to cut it off one of the thicker toys because I couldn't get the cover to roll off. And this was without them having lube or anything on it to make it slipperier.

They don't have much smell or taste at all, which is a pleasant touch. The color is a sort of lilac/pink combination -- very pastel and when you look at a cover unrolled, it appears quite dark. However, once you roll it over a toy, it only adds a slight purple hue to the item. I do buy my toys at least in part for a prettiness factor, however, and I wish these covers came in a clear option -- then I could protect my toy while still seeing its natural color shine through.

Another really nice thing: They don't come pre-lubricated, which means that you can use a water-based or silicone lube of your choice. (I actually wish condoms came this way more often, since a lot of lubes don't work for me). I used them with both Slippery Stuff and Astroglide Gel and the material worked really nicely with them both.


These thick latex covers are small, but they stretch to fit almost any small to medium sized sex toy, including thick and odd-shaped anal toys like The Screw.

To me, safer sex items should be a little like that old adage about children: they should be neither seen nor heard, but should do their job and do it well (okay, so I just combined an old, out-of-date and useless adage with something akin to child labor, but you get my point. Maybe.). All function, no bells and whistles, in other words. And that's just what these covers are. Roll them on, lube them up, then play away, knowing that they're keeping your toys -- and you -- clean and safe and sound. Then you throw them away and start all over again.

While these covers aren't likely to enhance your sex life by giving you mind-blowing orgasms by themselves, they can enhance your state of mind and make you feel comfortable and clean, which sometimes can make all the difference.


PROS: Thick, stretchy, dependable. Makes play and clean up easy.
CONS: It would be nice if they came in a clear option. Slightly expensive (compared to condoms).




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