Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Screaming O Super Powered Bullet

Recently, I was contacted by Their Toys, an adult toys shop, asking me if I'd be willing to review a toy for them. I didn't know the company, but I'm always glad to try out new companies and see what they offer and how they work.

The first toy they sent me was a kind of rubber finger vibe designed to hold a bullet inside. Unfortunately, the bullet vibe was broken. Something was wrong with the bullet's internal connectors, and it was hard to make it do its buzzy dance. This is often true of vibrators that are sold with the batteries already in when there's no protector -- the batteries get old or corrode and somehow damage the internal workings. Or, of course, it could have just been a dud toy (they happen, often, as a matter of fact, and it's no comment on the quality of the seller when the toy doesn't work).

I let the company know, and they quickly sent me something else -- a Screaming O Super Powered Bullet. This plastic mini-vibe can be used alone or tucked inside the aforementioned ring vibe. It's got a lot of rev, the button on the end is simple to use, and it's waterproof, which is an added bonus. It also comes in a variety of yummy colors -- mine's a very pretty purple, and it looks all shiny and nice among my array of toys. Finally, it fits nicely into most of the toys that I already own that take bullet vibes, including a number of anal vibes and finger vibes.

However, it does only have one speed, so there's not a lot of variety if you're someone who desires a number of vibratory options. Super powered? Maybe. The speed's got a decent amount of rev, and it isn't terribly loud for the amount of power, which is a bonus if you plan on traveling or trying to use this when you've got a houseful of people.

The vibe does take watch batteries, which is something that I truly wish toy manufacturers would stop doing. Watch batteries are expensive, they're not rechargeable, and they never last as long as the companies say they do (I got about 45 minutes out of mine, as compared to the 80+ minutes that the website promises. Of course, your mileage may vary, depending on how old the batteries are and how long they've been inside the toy).

Overall, the Screaming O is a fine bullet vibe. Clean, simple, not a lot of bells and whistles. The packaging is small and discrete. And it's at a pretty spot-on price for just $6.99. It would be a great stocking stuffer for a loved/lusted one, or for yourself. Personally, if I used a lot of bullet vibes, I would consider these a decent option for backups. In fact, it's probably cheaper to buy a couple of these vibes to keep on hand than it is to replace the watch batteries (no comment on the environmental impact of those choices, because I really don't know how they'd wash out).


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