Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rose Petals Explosion

Are you an old-world romantic? Got a thing for pretty petals and pretty spaces? Then you might have more fun than I did with the Rose Petals Explosion kit (by Bijoux Indiscrets). 

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The packaging is pretty enough -- a simple cardboard box that's both upscale and sexy. 

Here's where the packaging starts to break down -- this is the back of the box. Now, granted, it's very cool that it's in multiple languages, but this is the only writing there is. At all. Nothing about the petals' materials, size, or shape. And definitely nothing about how you might go about using them. 

The petals packaged inside. This inner bit slides out of the outer package. Again, really simple and pretty, but there's not much to it.

The petals out of their box. They come in sets that you have to pull apart before you can use them.

The average size and shape of the petals, which are about the same size as the outer petals of an actual rose. (The color's a little off here, by the way. They're actually less orange and more red -- I think it's due to the bathroom light.)

PROS: Pretty. Scent's not cloying. Good for creative, romantic types.
CONS: No suggestions for care or use. The edges come unraveled.




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