Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Single Strand Beaded Clamps

I'm a sucker for pretty things. And even more of a sucker for pretty things that are smart and strong enough to hurt me. Thus, if I could have Lena Heady as a dom, I would be one delighted girl.

Alas, since I can't have her, I'll take the next best things. Right now, one of those things are these purple beaded nipple clamps from Spartacus.


Despite my penchant for pain, I have really sensitive nipples. That's part of the reason I like these clamps so much. They provide pain without providing OWPAIN! They open to fit around everything from a rather thick pen down to a toothpick, so no matter what size your nipples are (and what level of pain you prefer), these clamps are likely to meet your needs. There's no real weight to them -- the chain and the clamps are very light -- so unless someone's actually pulling on the chain, there's not a lot of pain, which makes these clamps good for beginners as well.

By adjusting the easy-to-slide metal ring around the V of the metal prongs, you can have a lot of control over the hold of the clamps. The same adjusting ring makes it really easy to open the clamps to get them off, which is nice if you find that your nipples get even more sensitive post-orgasm and they start yelling, "Get it off! Get it off!" Just slide the rings down and in seconds you can let those girls out of their cages (or, if you're the dom, don't slide the rings down and take joy in the suffering of your partner. You know you want to).

Big enough to fit a deck of cards...

...small enough to clamp onto a single Ace of Diamonds.

In addition, I've found that if they're squeezed on pretty tight, there's not much chance of slippage (unless you've accidentally covered them in lube or lotion -- oops). On the other hand, if someone accidentally gets a hair, a belt or a hand caught in the chain (another oops, a rather big oops, in fact), the clamps aren't so clingy that they won't slide off. You'll likely say, "Ow!" really really loudly, but they won't tear your nipple off. Always a bonus.

One thing to note: The rubber tips come off of the metal ends pretty easily. I already lost one, and spent about an hour digging through the toy box to try and find it, only to give up and then discover it buried in the sheets next time I did laundry. If you don't want to take the rubber tips off (which I don't, because I find the metal tips too harsh for my tastes), then you can easily put a bit of instant glue inside each tip and essentially glue it to the metal. With a lot of use, the tips might still come off, but they're not as likely to do so. Of course, if you're into more pain, you can always remove the rubber bits on purpose and use the  sharp ends of the metal. Are they designed for this? I'm not sure, to be honest, but I figure if people are putting Endurance Clamps on their nipples, then these would probably seem like a walk in the park.

The ends of the clamps without the rubber covers over them.

The beaded chain is pretty and sturdy, and on me if I'm sitting up, it reaches just past my navel. Overall, it's about a foot long, plus the clamps, which add another three inches to each side. I find there's something sexy about belly chains, whether they're around a belly or over it, and thus my need for pretty has been met. Walking around the house wearing nothing but these clamps, which make a delightful whispery-clacking sound, is intoxicating -- both for me, and for the Boy who appreciates me in next-to-nothing. Especially a next-to-nothing that he can grab onto, yank, and get an instant groan out of me.

However, I don't recommend wearing these under clothing while you're out. The chain is just far too likely to get caught on something -- pants button, shirt button, bracelet when you go to scratch your stomach, the nearby coffee counter, another person, your key ring -- and elicit rather unsexy screeches that will bring children, pets and next door neighbors running. Oh, and that cute barista that you've been flirting with for the past three weeks who wants to know if you're really okay and if he can do anything to help. To which, if you're anything like me, you'll mumble something akin to "Ohmygodmynipples" and then realize what you've said and make a beeline for the bathroom, leaving both your coffee and your wallet behind.

The sturdy beaded chain has a wire base and features lots of pretty purples, white and blacks.


Here's why I love these clamps so much (and why I like them much better than the clamps without the strand of beads): During masturbation, you can look a hand through the strand. It makes for a fantastic tugging-without-too-much-pain sensation with each movement of your fingers.

The strand also gives a partner something to hold onto, which can be a lot of fun (as long as you've set the prerequisite "how hard can I pull?" standards ahead of time). It's easily reachable whether you're on your hands and knees or on your back, and there's something arousing (to me at least) about knowing the Boy has a hand on the chain -- and by proxy on such a sensitive part of me. All he has to do is tweak the clamps slightly and I'm suddenly panting. Actually, all he has to do is pull them out of the toy box and let me hear their soft click-clack and I start panting. But don't tell him that -- I don't want him to think he has ALL the power.


These clamps don't require much in the way of maintenance. Clean the rubber grips if you get something on them, and ditto with the rest of the toy. I've used these in the shower a number of times and  then left them out to dry on a towel afterwards; they've never rusted or had any other issues.

They don't really get tangled, which is also nice because you can throw them into your bag or suitcase, and not have to worry about them. Of course, their size and near weightlessness makes them ideal for travel. If you're getting ready to travel and are only going to bring two toys, I say go with these nipples clamps and the equally compact, lightweight, indestructible Screw.


PROS: Lots of variation in tightness, pain and pressure. Well made. Easily adjustable.
CONS: Rubber tips fall off.



product picture
Nipple clamps by Spartacus
Material: Metal


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