Sunday, March 14, 2010

B-Bomb Vibrating Silicone Plug

B-Bomb, a vibrating anal plug by Tantus, available at Good Vibrations

Sometimes, this toy reviewer stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be. You end up reviewing toys that totally, complete suck -- and not in the good way. However, sometimes you get something in the mail that is just so fantastic that it makes up for all of those other toys that bombed.

That is the case with the B-Bomb, a vibrating anal plug by Tantus (supplied free from Good Vibrations). I'm so tempted to make cracks about how this plug is da' bomb... Mainly because it is. Which then makes the joke less funny. (Also, it's kind of shaped like a bomb, which is... slightly disturbing. Although truth be told, I love this toy so much that it could be shaped exactly like an atomic bomb and I would still use it).
So, What's to Love?
  • First, the material rocks. This kind of silicone is my favorite -- firm and yet has a lot of squish so that it seems to fit inside perfectly. It's very smooth and it works well with a water-based lube, sliding right in.
  • The vibrations are just enough without ever being too much.
  • It's incredibly easy to care for: throw it in the dishwasher, boil it, bleach it, soap-and-water it. So simple.
 The battery bullet. Waterproof, sturdy, gives good vibrations.
  • The vibrating bullet is sturdy, well-made and water-proof. It slides into the base of the toy and gives out surprisingly strong vibrations. 
  • You can remove the vibrating bullet and use the toy with a wide variety of suction-cups (Tantus makes one especially for these toys).
  • It's a good size for a wide range of anal players. With just over three inches of insertable length and a circumference of four and a quarter inches, this toy will make you feel full without being too full. I found the length was just right for me -- meaning when it's fully inserted, I get really strong vibrations in all the right spots.  
  • It's a great solo-play toy. Once the plug is in, it stays in and the vibrations stay on. Which means it leaves your hands free to do other things. 
  • It's great for DP. The give of the material means that you both get a lot of fullness, but it doesn't constrict the vagina so much that your partner can't get in (as can happen with glass toys or toys that are made from less flexible materials). 
  • It's really pretty. Mine is a kind of shiny purple, and the material and shape make you just want to play with it again and again.  
 Size, as compared to a standard deck of cards.
    What's Not To Love?
    • The end is a little on the pointy side. Which means that if you don't have perfect aim or you're not already pretty well lubed up, there's a good chance your first experience with this toy will sound like, "Ow." 
    • The battery casing/bullet doesn't go all the way in. I think it's supposed to, so that the battery lies flush into the base of the plug, but I couldn't get it to fit all the way. This makes for some hilarity -- during double penetration, the Boy kept accidentally turning the vibrator on and off with his thrusts -- and it means you can't sit with it in, etc. But that might just be my particular toy and others may have a better experience with it. Also, the bullet is hard as hell to get out, even without being flush to the base. 
    • The material attracts every bit of dust and dog hair that you can imagine. I've found very few toys that this isn't true about, but it's still a pain in the butt, washing lint and hair off the toy every time you want to use it.
    Overall, this is a fantastic toy that has made the top-shelf of my toy box. I love the way it feels inside -- in terms of the shape, the material and the vibrations -- and I love how easy it is to use and care for.

    A lot of sex toys bomb right out of the box. The B-Bomb exploded right from the start, and it just keeps getting better and better.



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