Tuesday, July 13, 2010

California Kings Drinking Game Cards

I'm not a huge fan of sexual novelty items like coupon books and position dice, but I have to admit that these drinking game cards caught my eye. They're nicely designed (at least on the front) and they have a quirky sense of humor. Not to mention that you can actually play cards with them, which gives them twice as much value as the regular "draw a card to entice your partner to tie you up" games. They're not designed for sex per se, although if you drink as much as these cards recommend, you'll end up in bed one way or another. Hopefully it will be fucking instead of puking.

Read the entire review here at Eden Fantasys!

 Adorable little cards that are going to get you smashed really really fast if you're not careful. 
 The size of the cards as compared to, well, more cards. The package isn't half as pretty as the cards inside.


PROS: Pretty. Can play actual games with them. You'll get trashed.

CONS: Not really 'sexual' toys. You'll get trashed.



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